Stick Barometers

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English oak stick barometer by Salmon and Co Edinburgh
circa 1867 to 1882

English stick barometer by Dolland.
circa 1785.

A wonderful American stick barometer made by D. E. Lent of Rochester, New York.
circa 1860.

American stick barometer with ripple carving and paper register plates. Made by C. W. Pease of Ontario NY.
circa 1835.

A cottage barometer by Alexander Adie, Edinburgh.
circa 1810.

A fine English stick barometer by Peter Hill of Edinburgh. Hill worked from 1801 to 1828.

American mahogany stick barometer by Barber, Hartford, CT.
circa 1860.

A great English stick barometer by Gilbert and Sons, London.
circa 1810.

Fine antique English marine barometer by Lawson Melling & Co. of Liverpool. Mahogany with brass gimbal.
circa 1850.

A fine English oak aneroid barometer.
circa 1880.

Antique English mahogany marine barometer.
circa 1840

A very rare English stick barometer by Battally. Mahogany with satinwood inlay.
circa 1787-1793

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