Aneroid Barometers

The instruments shown here are in stock and available. Call for prices and additional information. These aneroid barometers can be shipped by post or UPS to any destination.

Click here for a list of aneroid barometers suitable for use on ships and boats. Prices for marine barometers are shown. Please call for prices for other instruments.

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A fine small barometer, 4 1/2" dial, mounted on a burled walnut stand. Mint original condition. 10 1/2" wide by 10" tall.
circa 1890

A great English barometer, 5" dial, made by Negretti and Zambra, mounted on an original oak stand 10" wide by 6 1/2" tall.
circa 1880.

Fine French aneroid barometer on a modern stand 6" dial, 10-3/8" by 17" overall. $1250 plus shipping.

French surveyors barometer by Goulier.
circa 1860.

Motor Aneroid. Made for Gall & Lembke, NY by Short & Mason, London. For use on a dashboard. 3-3/4" over flange.
circa 1900.

Aneroid barometer with paper face and rare horizontal thermometer, English. 5" diam.
circa 1870.

Fine aneroid barometer with an oak rope carved case. Eight inch dial. Mercury thermometer.

A true marine aneroid barometer by F. Darton, 19th Century. $950 plus shipping.

Made by Short and Mason, London. 6-3/4" diameter.
circa 1880

Fine French aneroid barometer marked US Standard. Twin thermometers, 8" dial.
circa 1900

Splendid aneroid barometer 8-1/4" diameter with twin thermometers. English.
circa 1880

Wonderful aneroid barometer 6-3/4" diameter with twin thermometers made by Hulot and Naudet in Paris, France.
circa 1890

A fine antique aneroid barometer with white porcelain register plates and a fine mahogany case. Works perfectly. 12 inches wide and 41 inches tall.




We make stands to order to hold barometers of any size and shape. Shown are mahogany, but we can supply any wood of your choice. Stands are $85 to $200, depending on complexity.

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